Jared Headshot.jpg

Jared Johnson

Treatment Technician

Jared is an Innovative Treatment Technician at the Holland Biomedical Clinic. Before starting in this role he graduated from Bethel University with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Biokinetics; emphasizing in Human Bioenergetics and Exercise Science. Along with his degree Jared has gained a vast amount of experience in the fitness and nutrition world through other jobs and internships. As a treatment technician, Jared has been trained in the proper protocols and operations of the various therapies and treatments offered at the clinic. Additionally, Jared helps with the various tasks associated with the day-to-day operations of the clinic. 

Jared has high hopes for a long career in the health field. Outside of work Jared is very competitive and active. Any competition will peak his interest all the way from a pick-up game of football to a long night of Settlers of Catan. Travel is a priority for Jared and he hopes to visit all fifty states (besides Rhode Island) before turning 27.