Soft Chamber Sales

Holland Biomedical Clinic sells OxyHealth portable soft chambers to patients with prescriptions. We offer free shipping, delivery, set up, and operational training to patients living within 30 miles of the center and make reasonable arrangements for patients who live further away.

We sell three different sizes of OxyHealth soft chambers.  While each model is unique, they all share the following features:

  • 1.3 ATA (4 psi) operating pressure
  • Durable, double-sided 44 oz. urethane coated polyester bladder
  • Tamper-proof, dual redundant pressure regulator valves
  • Patented 2-zipper seal assemblies
  • Designed for improved airflow through chamber during treatments
  • Additional port for external medical pass-through devices
  • Manufactured with nontoxic, medical-grade components


Solace 210

  • The lightest and most affordable soft chamber in OxyHealth's line.
  • 21 inches in diameter and 90 inches long.


Respiro 270

  • Larger diameter allows increased freedom of movement, while still small enough for any room.
  • 27 inches in diameter and 90 inches long.


Vitaeris 320

  • Enough room for two adults to self-treat or for an attendant to accompany a child.
  • 32 inches in diameter and 90 inches long.

Please contact us for pricing information and discounts on our HBOT chambers for sale. Significant discounts on chamber purchases are given to patients that have either rented a soft sided chamber through us, or done hard chamber treatments at our facility.  We are happy to match price quotes made by other OxyHealth distributors.

For information on the three OxyHealth chambers we sell, please download the PDF Brochures above or give us a call at (952) 215-3766.