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Improve Your Mitochondria and Improve Your Health

  • Eagan Community Center Oaks Room 1501 Central Park Commons Drive Eagan, MN, 55121 United States (map)

You may recall distant talk—in a previous lifetime—of mitochondria, ATP, and the Krebs cycle. These terms and concepts serve a purpose much greater than to torture endless generations of dental students. Mitochondria are vital in the production of energy for our bodies: energy to keep us alive, do normal daily activities, or to exercise vigorously. Having good mitochondrial function is essential for us to simply feel good, which requires proper function and interaction of all our organ systems. The root source of our energy is the mitochondrion, and functional medicine is examining how to better maintain and repair this vital structure.

Your entire body is electrical, states Dave Asprey of A small cluster of cells in the heart produces an electrical pulse that keeps the heart beating, pumping blood that brings oxygen throughout the body to maintain life. Cells use charged atoms and molecules—ions—to generate electrical signals that power vital processes in the body including digestion, circulation, movement, and brain function. If injuries and illness disrupt these electrical frequencies, your body is less able to heal itself. Dr. Kelly will describe how we can integrate treatments to optimize electrical and mitochondrial function. This has the potential to improve health and accelerate healing for those with a variety of chronic conditions.