Catherine Morud, RN CNP

Nurse Practitioner

Cathy Morud has over thirty years of experience as a registered nurse and nurse practitioner. She has found joy working in a variety of settings including primary care, hospice, student health, women’s health, Indian Health Service, biomedical treatment of mental health disorders, and most recently, private practice in rural Minnesota . She is a graduate of the University of North Dakota BSN program and received her nurse practitioner education at the University of MN School of Public Health. Functional and integrative medicine courses have been a source of enlightenment and enrichment over for the past ten years; not only with the vast research and information provided  but by interacting with the dedicated health care professionals trying to make a difference looking at health care in a new way: "What does the body need?," and "What does it need to get rid of? ” for optimal physical and mental health.

Cathy has spent much of her career in very rural areas supporting children and families far from regional medical centers. Her philosophy has always been “patients are partners in charge of health care decisions” working for positive outcomes to health care concerns. Primary prevention and treating underlying causes instead of just symptoms for serious chronic disease has been the core of her care. She has had the privilege of collaborating with Dr Anne Kelly for the past 10 years helping families consider core nutrition and other biomedical treatments for treating chronic disease and primary diseases prevention.