Anne Kelly, MD MPH

Medical Director

Dr. Kelly is board certified in Pediatric Medicine and has completed advanced training in functional medicine through the Institute of Functional Medicine.  She received her medical degree from Michigan State University and completed a pediatric residency program at the University of Minnesota.  Following residency, she completed a fellowship program in Academic Pediatric Medicine and Masters in Public Health also at the University of Minnesota.  Her research and clinical practice focused on health care models that improve the lives of children with chronic and often life threatening medical conditions.

Dr. Kelly conceptualized, founded and secured funding for a new model for medically fragile children - U Special Kids to overcome bureaucratic inefficiencies in the existing healthcare system.  The program became a nationally recognized, innovative model that utilized advanced practice nurses and telehealth technology to manage vulnerable children in their homes.  Her research demonstrated improved quality of care and reduced healthcare expenditures.  Dr. Kelly is also the president and founder of Nutrition Ignition Inc., a healthcare and functional nutrition corporation.

These first-hand experiences have served to inform Dr. Kelly’s vision of the components needed to modernize our healthcare and public health systems. Key elements include empowering families to address fundamental factors that contribute to poor health.  These factors, which are so often overlooked in our current healthcare system, include family stress, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins and genetic vulnerabilities. 

As Medical Director at Holland Biomedical Clinic, Dr. Kelly has put together a team of highly skilled healthcare professionals.  By combining functional medicine, nutrition support and innovative technology, Dr. Kelly strives to help patients with complex medical conditions achieve optimal health.